credit : Antoine Gout

La Colle

Residency center for artists


For Begat Theater, La Colle is a place to rehearse, to create and store sets, props and costumes, as well as office space. But it is also a space open to other companies and artistic groups for their rehearsals and workshops. La Colle can house up to 16 people in 4 separate rooms – it is also possible to set up tents or sleep in the caravanes.



- Rehearsal room – 10,80m x 7,30m, 80 m2, ceiling height : 3,30m / 2,80m.

- Rehearsal room « the balcony » (open on one side) – 8,60m x 6,30m, 55 m2, ceiling height : 4m30 / 3m.

- Amphitheater – stage : width 12m, depth 8m, surface area 80m2

- Kitchen

- Dining room

- Meeting room « Piano room »

- Bedroom “the stone room”: 5 beds (1 bunk bed)

- Bedroom “the dormitory”: beds for 6 people – 3 bunk beds

- Bedroom “the suite”: 4 beds (1 bunk bed)

- Bedroom “double”: 1 double bed

- Green caravan: 1 small double bed + 1 small single bed

- White caravan: 2 small double beds


Past residencies

Rara Woulib, Groupe ToNNe, Les Balladons, Les Dromolos, Petit Pois Princesse, Daud, Cie Maïrol, Compagnie du Grain, Les Royales Marionnettes (Belgique), L’Ensemble à Nouveau, Compagnie du Caillou dans la Chaussure, Morengo Dub, Koladia, Pazanote, La r’Vitale, Cie qui m’arrêtera!, la FAIAR, Compagnie Point Com, Milo Batie, Pakatak, La Déferlante, La Compagnie Clandestine, l’EPIC Canal 93, Amers 1.1, Coulisses, Les Splaschs (Belgique), Compagnie Salula, Les Bontuillos, 2B2B- Compagnie de Briques et de Broc, Chiendent Théâtre, A Corps Sonnant, Divadlo Théâtre, Ilotopie, Compagnie Phénix, Masala, Akrorythmik, Compagnie du Passeur, L’Orée Sonore, Théâtre Ainsi de Suite, Compagnie du Gecko, Compagnie Ubac, Ex Nihilo,  La Caravane Jaune…


Directions and Map


We ask each group to pay a modest fee to help us cover costs:


FEES (include 19,6% tax)


1-8 people:

……per person / per day: 13€

9-16 people:

…… per person / per day: 11€


+ Membership : 1€ par personne


+ Use of facilities / per day: 40€


+ Winter heating supplement heating (November – March): 24€ / jour