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A new version in the works

rewriting_La_Disparition_gdDion Doulis and Karin Holmström presented the new synopsis for La Disparition, developed with Erika Latta, to the rest of the team at Begat Theater’s Residency Center,  La Colle on February 12th.


After having presented the show in 2014 to several different audiences in different towns, the artists decided to return to the drawing board to create a longer version with even more layers and mystery. It’s (almost) a whole new show, where a tangible mystery blends with metaphysical and ideological thoughts and point of views. How can a single event be diffracted into 5 completely different versions? Where is the truth, is there even one ? Every interpretation seems to be simultaneously possible…


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The new version will be developed during a residency in Evron with La Paperie, a National Center for the Street Arts. A work in progress performance will be given on April 11th 2015.


A second residency will take place in Sisteron with the Théâtre Durance and a work n progress performance will be given on May 23rd.