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Residency in Sisteron

The new version of La Disparition was tested in Sisteron on May 21 and 23 as part of the Théâtre Durance Hors les Murs program. A big thank you to Erika Latta who came all the way from New York to put the last touches on the show and to the  FACE Contemporary Theater Fund which made her trip possible.


Feedback from some spectators :

“La Disparition exists, in all its suspense, and in all its poetry. Throughout the show, I was on a journey, I was afraid, I laughed, I cried, and I was especially inspired by the fragile and powerful beauty of this parallel universe … ”


“You’ll believe it or not but in the last minutes of the show, as I was leaning against the parapet above the Durance, I saw far below me on the other side of the river, a woman walking away, heading off by foot, her bag hoisted on her back … ”