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A performance with students from the School for Contemporary Arts in Vancouver, B.C.

Karin Holmström joined Erika Latta for two weeks in Vancouver, B.C. where she is an Assistant Professor at the Theatre Performance program at the School for Contemporary Arts at Simon Fraser University. With Erika’s students in Acting Ensemble + Environment, they created a simplified version of Hidden Stories at the Vancouver Public Library in Downtown Vancouver B.C. The 9 students visited the site, invented characters, wrote their texts interior, recorded their voices, did the sound design, rehearsed and performed a test version in less than a month.


Bravo to Sabrina, Sonja, Brynne, Emma, Brett, Santi, Blake, Hassan and Tamlin!!


Erika also created and organises the Desire Line Sessions, open to all SCA students and faculty, that bring together creative practitioners from across the performing arts for engaged yet informal conversation. Karin was invited to present the work of Begat Theatre on January 28.