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A collaborative and international creation, 2022-2023


Enter one of our temporary shelter units and listen to one of ten unique and individual stories.


HOME/LAND is an immersive journey along the paths of personal and collective memory.


A moment to imagine and reflect on what it would be like to lose one’s home.


An intimate and participatory experience.



The word “Home” evokes a place: the house, the hearth, the dwelling, the place you were born or the country that you come from. It also evokes a feeling: Home is where the heart is, where I am connected to my origins. What we choose to call home can be a memory, an object, a favorite food or a secret ritual… something that belongs to the past, the present, or an imagined future. Home is where we feel safe and in control, though it might be a place where we can never return.


In this project we invite the audience to question their relationship to home, comfort and safety. The fact of having access to a safe and comortable shelter is something many people take for granted, but it is far from guaranteed. Our world is changing; the economy, our society, even the planet itself is transforming before our eyes. Every day, somewhere on earth people are forced to leave their homes or their coutries for one of many reasons. How does it feel to flee all that is familiar and seek shelter in an unknown, even hostile place?



HOME/LAND invites each individual audience member to imagine just that, by stepping into someone else’s shoes. Not to truly “live” someone’s else’s experience but rather to try and see the world through a different set of eyes, at least for a short amount of time, to feel what it might be like to wear a different skin, to listen to a voice that we usually don’t have the opportunity to hear.


HOME/LAND is an immersive journey along the paths of personal and collective memory. An experience to envision and understand what it’s like to lose one’s home, to question our own memory and to broaden our worldview.




Partners in USA

- FACE CONTEMPORARY THEATER FUND – two grants awarded, one in 2020 and one in 2021

- NET TEN – Network of ensemble theaters, Travel and exchange network “Remote connection mini-grant for long distance relationship building”

- Hand2Mouth

- WaxFactory


Partners in France

Begat Theater is supported by DRAC PACA and the Département des Alpes de Haute-Provence for its creations.

- Lieux publics, Marseille – CNAREP (Centre national des arts de la rue et de l’espace public) & pôle européen de production, dans le cadre du programme ὁδός – les chemins.

- ECLAT, CNAREP, Aurillac

- Théâtre Durance Scène conventionnée d’intérêt national « art et création », Château Arnoux/Saint-Auban

La Passerelle Scène nationale des Alpes du Sud, Gap

- La Garance Scène nationale de Cavaillon



Others demands for grants and coprodutions are in progress.


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